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Whether we look at environment or health & wellness challenges, our approach is justified by short, medium and long-term trends. 


Health and allergies

The allergy is classified as 4th chronic disease by WHO. 22 million French people are affected by allergies  (30% of the population of France). This percentage has doubled in 20 years and is estimated to reach 50% by 2050.


The skin is constantly exposed to the outside environment and can come into contact with allergens causing various reactions (eczema, dermatitis, etc).


95% of surveyed dermatologists in France reported that they had patients experiencing issues due to the use of cleaning products. **


** data collected by telephone survey from 282 dermatologists in November 2015


Environment and pollution

Water consumption in France is distributed as follows:


39% for baths and showers

20% for toilets

12% for laundry

10% for dishes

6% for food preparation

6% for various other home use

6% for washing the car and gardening

1% for drinking water.

Only 40% of Europe's surface water is in "good ecological" condition



When offering eco-friendly alternatives for household cleaning, it is important to deliver on consumer expectations for product performance at a  fair price.