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L’Arbre Vert got its first expert approval in 2003 with dishwashing liquid certified by European Ecolabel.

 Ecology, environment, ethics

European Ecolabel
Ecolabel is the official ecological label of the European Union. It is granted to environmentally friendly products which deliver the same efficacy as conventional products.

This certification is based on the principle of a "total approach" which considers the entire life cycle of the product from raw materials to manufacturing, distribution and usage until recycling or disposal after use. Quality and usage are also taken into consideration. The compositions and performance of European Ecolabel certified products are validated by an independent official body designs by the European Commission (AFNOR for France).

The majority of L’Arbre Vert products sold in Canada are certified or are in the process of Ecolabel certification, L'ARBRE VERT established its own environmental guidelines:
 • Priority given to ingredients of natural, vegetable or mineral origin;
• Exclusion of substances that are toxic or of concern for the environment and health (phosphates, phosphonates, phthalates, optical brighteners, glycol ethers, formaldehyde or formaldehyde precursor, skin irritating substances, allergen substances currently listed as responsible for skin allergy);
• Removal of dyes (except WC Gel for reasons of use);
 • The formulas are not tested on animals.



 Prevention of allergies
 In addition to restricting substances that can lead to skin irritation or those recognized as presenting a risk of allergy, L'ARBRE VERT designed hypoallergenic formulas that are suitable for sensitive skin.

The brand went even further and ensured that its approach is independently validated by professionals who are experts in skin health.

Controlled allergens
Since 2013, home care products of L'ARBRE VERT have been approved by the allergy doctors of ARCAA, the independent Association for Clinical Research in Allergology and Asthmology (France).

To obtain this approval, all of the ingredients and substances that make up a cleaning product must meet the requirements of ARCAA standards ( Scientific tests are carried out by independent expert members representing the community of allergy doctors within ARCAA.